June 18th-July 24th Fuel Levy is 34.0%                         July 25th-July 31st Fuel Levy is 32.3%                         Aug 1st-Aug 14th Fuel Levy is 29.9%                         Aug 15th-Aug 21st Fuel Levy is 27.8%

General Freight-Freight Lines Group

General Freight Services

Daily services are available to cart your General, Chiller and Freezer Freight to and from Perth, to multiple locations across Western Australia

Bulk Freight-Freight Lines Group

Bulk Freight Services

If you’re a Farmer, Chemical Company or Mine-Site owner, we can help you by transporting your Fertiliser, Grain, Sulphur, Lime and Mill Balls in bulk.

 Express Overnight - Freight Lines Group

Express Overnight Freight Services

We have Overnight Express Freight delivery and non-stop Hotshot Priority delivery service across the state, to ensure you meet that urgent deadline.