The Can Do Company

Environment & Sustainability

Where viable, Freight Lines Group endeavours to employ initiatives that are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Our initiatives Include:

  • The average age of our fleet is well below 8 years. Most of our modern fleet of Prime movers and Rigid trucks are compliant with Euro 5 emission standards.
  • We use non-hazardous bio-degradable quick breakdown heavy duty vehicle wash for washing our trucks and trailers
  • We have long term Repair and maintenance contracts with truck manufacturers such as Scania, Volvo and Daimler . This ensures our trucks continue to operate efficiently and are maintained to manufacturer’s standards.
  • Freight Lines group is currently undertaking review to solar power part of our current electricity usage.
  • All our SCR fitted trucks use certified AdBlue products that help reduce emissions of Nitrogen Oxides from the exhaust of diesel vehicles.